The History of Shamballa Bracelets
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The History of Shamballa Bracelets

28 July, 2012

Shamballa, Shambhala or Shambalas is traditionally a Buddhist (Tibetan) mythical kingdom hidden away inside the mainland of Asia. Various ancient texts mention it and through time Shambhala became to be Known as the Buddhist Pure Land, a mythical kingdom where everything was perfect in every way, well 'perfect' if your a Buddhist I expect.  This has fallen down the ages and also influenced non-Buddhist 'would-be' Buddhist spiritual seekers and, as we all know girls, it entered popular western culture too.

On the spiritual side of things the specialized deigns, stones, gems, and metals are believed to have healing properties that are all natural and very effective. Many people use them for personal strength, and they are very popular in meditation. Most of all they are a symbol of oneness.

It is the Kornerup brothers who accept the philosophies behind the Shamballa bracelets, and incorporate the Tibetan Buddhist beliefs into the spectacular designs that are now very fashionable. They first started in France and then expanded to New York, continuously growing into the massive giants that they today. Nevertheless, it is also popular to see handmade Shamballa bracelets as well.

Shamballa bracelets have more significance and philosophy than the average wearer understands. But, deep within the history and myth lies philosophies many still believe and follow faithfully today. Whether you are buying one to help you on your spiritual path, healing, and meditation, or if you are just stylish the right Shamballa bracelet is sure to satisfy your taste. Almost every single Shamballa bracelet has an individual look, and meaning, so there is bound to be one that make everybody happy.


shamballa bracelet

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