Wholesale Real Natural Peacock Tail Eye Feather Hair Extension-Wholesale Real Natural Peacock Tail Eye Feather Hair Extension wholesale, manufacturer and supplier of Wholesale Real Natural Peacock Tail Eye Feather Hair Extension from Yiwu China.
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Wholesale Real Natural Peacock Tail Eye Feather Hair Extension

Wholesale Real Natural Peacock Tail Eye Feather Hair Extension

(Peacock Tail Feather) the adorable Real Natural Peacock Tail Eye Feather Hair Extension,made by the the gorgeous colours and the fleeciness pure material of feather are the trendy fashion jewelry for your beautiful hair.
Model No.: FE0601  
Size: About 20~30cm Length
Weight: 1.00 g
Colour: Colorful
Stock Quantity: 1000 Piece
Min. Order: 100 Piece  
Unit Price: $0.39 - 0.54
Wholesale Price:
Quantity Price
100 - 200 $0.54
200 - 300 $0.47
More Than 300 $0.39
Order Quantity:
Description of Wholesale Real Natural Peacock Tail Eye Feather Hair Extension - FE0601:

The Original Featherheads are the original feather hair extension. The feather ranging in length from 15 – 40 inches.Our feathers come in a full spectrum of colors—from subtle and natural to playful and wild—and a variety of lengths, from 15to 40 inches. They can be brushed, blow-dried, straightened and curled (up to 450°F)—basically, they can be treated like natural hair. Our product lines include Originals, synthentic,Accents, Shorties and Pet Plumes. So, what makes our feathers stand out? Well, they're effortless to install They’re reusable. All natural. High-quality. Hand-crafted. And our patent  technique of bonding the feathers means that the feathers will remain in place longer—up to two months, depending on how they're cared for.

1. Feature: Real Natural Peacock Tail Eye Feather are extemely beautiful and uses include hair extension, jewelry, crafts, decorations etc. Feathers vary widely in shape and size and all feathers are handpicked. If you get a few imperfect feathers it is because I put in EXTRA feathers for you hoping you will find some use in it.
2. Material: 100% natural peacock feather
3. Size: About 20~30cm Length
4. Color: The natural,original colors
5. Package:10pcs in one bag
6. Delivery by DHL, TNT, EMS etc, delivery time is 3~15 days.

Tips:Many people may want to make their own fashionable feather hair extentions, but they just don’t know how to install feather extensions into their hears. Now in this post, you will learn this lesson with us.

Step 1:Decide where you would like to install your feather extension, then peel back a layer of hair to expose the roots. Gather a small strand of hair in your fingers, and make sure the roots are close together.

Step 2:Wrap the wire tool around the strand of hair. Take the two ends of the wire and thread them through the crimp bead. Pull the hair through the bead with the wire ends.


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