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Kiss Love Face Charm QQ Emoji Beads

Kiss Love Face Charm QQ Emoji Beads

(Kiss Love Face Beads) QQ expression appeared greatly enriched the QQ chat, make the QQ chat is no longer drab, literal particularly the emergence of all sorts of funny humor, dynamic images, makes the QQ chat becomes rich and colorful
Model No.: SS3580-6  
Size: 10.6*9.3mm
Weight: 3.00 g
Colour: Silver
Stock Quantity: 32 Piece
Min. Order: 2 Piece  
Unit Price: $5.37 - 7.38
Wholesale Price:
Quantity Price
2 - 20 $7.38
20 - 60 $6.36
More Than 60 $5.37
Order Quantity:
Description of Kiss Love Face Charm QQ Emoji Beads - SS3580-6:
Kiss Love Face Charm QQ Emoji Beads
fit European Jewelry and silver bracelet.
Material: 925 sterling silver beads;
Character: antique silver beads; sterling silver European style beads
 (Tips: Some 925 sterling silver items which made with the same mould will be made in different techniques when proceed to the post processing, which makes they look a bit different. For example, they could be European anqitue silver beads, silver European beads with gold plated, European enamel beads, European beads with CZ stones or genstone beads, European beads with screw thread, European gold beads etc. And the unit price will be different either. Some of European charms with multi-characters, such as antique beads with CZ stones, silver beads with gold plated and gemstones, gold plated enamel beads with stone, European enamel beads with gold plated and so on. )
The sterling silver European style emoji beads fit European beads, European bracelet, bighole Jewelry, Largehole Jewelry beads, Largehole Jewelry bracelet.
Size and weight of the silver beads calculated by 10pcs equal. It's normal some small difference for each.
All the silver beads accept the customization for your special demand,
you can OEM the silver beads:
A) Create new model by your pictures, size & weight description;
B) Point the stone color for the model available on our page;
C) Point the enamel color of model available on our page;
D) Choose gold plated or not for the model available on our page;
E) Choose antique or shine for the silver beads.
For more details of sterling silver European style emoji beads pls contact us


925 sterling silver Enamel beads
Price: $4.19 - 5.76

European style enamel beads
Price: $3.41 - 4.68

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